Weekly Highlights and Insights: May 6-10

Fit2Cure, unit testing core data, data skepticism, mobile casual gaming market, and the beehive fence


Fit2Cure: Andy Oram introduces a game that crowdsources the search for drugs to cure under-researched diseases of developing countries.

Unit testing core data: James Turner shows iOS developers a less painful way to set up an OCUnit project to test code that uses Core Data.

Even more data skepticism: Beau Cronin and Mike Loukides continue to weigh in on the dangers of blindly copying data collection and analysis methods.

Developing mobile casual games: Jesse Freeman on the impact of HTML5 on game development and the mobile casual gaming market.

Beehive fence saves African elephants: Lucy King’s inventive fence exploits an elephant’s fear of bees to save lives and crops.

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Developer Week in Review: When giant corporations collide

Developer Week in Review: When giant corporations collide

Oracle and Google head to trial, Microsoft and Linux are BFFs, and the dirty secrets of game cheats.

If Microsoft and Linux can kiss and make up, why is Oracle having such a hard time getting along with Google? Elsewhere, a look inside elaborate game cheats.

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