What’s on the agenda for Velocity Europe

What’s on the agenda for Velocity Europe

Steve Souders previews Velocity Europe 2011.

Velocity co-chair Steve Souders highlights a number of Velocity Europe speakers and sessions that caught his attention.

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To the end of bloated code and broken websites

Nicole Sullivan on how CSS is evolving to meet performance and device needs.

Velocity speaker and CSS expert Nicole Sullivan discusses the state of CSS — how it’s adapting to mobile, how it’s improving performance, and how some CSS best practices have led to “bloated code and broken websites.”

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Why speed matters

Why speed matters

"Faster is better" applies almost everywhere, not just in the tech domain.

We live in an ever-accelerating world and the competitive terms of business are built upon achieving speed for many reasons. Here's a look at how speed shapes a variety of domains and experiences.

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How Facebook satisfied a need for speed

How Facebook satisfied a need for speed

Facebook boosted speed 2x. Director of engineering Robert Johnson explains how.

Robert Johnson, Facebook's director of engineering and a speaker at the upcoming Velocity and OSCON conferences, discusses an in-depth optimization and rewrite project that boosted Facebook's speed 2x.

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