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Developing cross-platform mobile apps with C#

Greg Shackles on using C# and .NET to build apps that work across mobile platforms.

Web developer and author Greg Shackles reveals the advantages of using C# over C++ for writing mobile apps. He also explains why Android and iOS developers should give C# a serious look.

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Commerce Weekly: Mobile commerce is on the rise globally

Commerce Weekly: Mobile commerce is on the rise globally

Survey shows consumers want mobile commerce, EU notes possible monopoly troubles, and commuters get app tickets.

TNS Global's Mobile Life Survey results are out, the EU is investigating a mobile wallet project, and Boston rail commuters soon can pay fares with their smartphones. (Commerce Weekly is produced as part of a partnership between O'Reilly and PayPal.)

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Six API predictions for 2012

In the year to come, APIs will continue to transform into core business tools.

Among the key API trends to watch in 2012: enterprise APIs will go mainstream, data-centric APIs will become common, and APIs will need to be optimized for mobile apps and developers.

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