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Android evolves and so must you

Christopher Neugebauer on Android interfaces, Jellybean, and future updates.

Christopher Neugebauer (@chrisjrn) is an Android and Python developer at Secret Lab and conference coordinator of PyCon Australia.

Chris recently wrapped up his work on Meebo for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry which was recently acquired by Google. I got a chance to talk to him at OSCON this summer about Android development.

Key points from our full discussion include:

  • Great features from Jellybean are available for older OSes. [Discussed at the 2:32 mark]
  • Android devices vary greatly in size and shape – design with this in mind [Discussed at the 4:35 mark]
  • Developers need earlier access to new versions of the OS [Discussed at the 5:32 mark]

You can view the entire interview in the following video.

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