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IBM Impact Unconference, Jeff Gothelf on Lean UX, MongoDB, and more.

Each Monday, we round up upcoming event highlights from the programming and space. Have an event to share? Send us a note.

IBM Impact Developer Unconference: Tim O’Reilly is speaking, Grady Brooch is speaking, and AT&T is throwing a hackathon. Visit their website for more information and to register.
Date: April 28-May 2 Location: Las Vegas, NV

Lean UX book discussion with author, Jeff Gothelf: Jeff Gothelf talks about his new book, Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, in person and via livestream. You can even tweet your questions to @UXBCLA. For more information on attending the event in person, visit their Meetup page. Register for the free livestream at their event page.
Date: 6:30 p.m. PT, April 30 Location: Venice, CA; also an online livestream webinar

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Developer Week in Review: A big moment for Kinect?

Developer Week in Review: A big moment for Kinect?

Microsoft wants to Kinect with Windows users, more junk patents, and free programming lessons are everywhere.

Microsoft thinks the Kinect has a bright future with the PC. Elsewhere, we have a new contender for worst software patent ever, and the mayor of New York City wants to get his geek on.

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Developer Week in Review

Developer Week in Review

Special Jeopardy edition featuring Nokia, MacBook Pro rumors, and Google's Public Data Explorer.

Tired of everyone making "Terminator" or "Matrix" references to Watson's domination of its pitiful human rivals? Well, we go old school with our media references, as we look at Nokia's fickleness, new toys for geeks, and Google's campaign for pretty data.

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