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Want to get ahead in DevOps? Expand your expertise and emotional intelligence

Kate Matsudaira on the changes developers face.

In this interview, Decide VP of engineering Kate Matsudaira discusses how and why developer jobs are changing. She also offers four practical strategies for communicating with non-geeks.

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Music and lyrics and code

Music and lyrics and code

Geek Choir founder Michael Brewer on how coding and music connect.

Coding is an art, says Michael Brewer, application programmer specialist at the University of Georgia. In this interview, Brewer discusses the philosophy behind Geek Choir and how it relates to coding and open source.

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Geeks at work

Geeks at work

"Being Geek" author Michael Lopp on job interviews, shady managers and knowing when it's time to go.

Michael Lopp, author of "Being Geek" and a self-described "system thinker," understands that geeks and nerds face unique workplace pressures. In this Q&A, he reveals key lessons he's picked up during his career. Those include: how geeks can communicate with non-geeks, why geeks and managers don't get along, and how to know when it's time to move on.

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