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How to Develop for the Mobile Casual Gaming Market

Jesse Freeman talks about designing for the casual gaming market and the role HTML5 will play in the future of game design.

HTML5 is becoming a larger and larger part of game design—so much so that Jesse Freeman (@jessefreeman) expects the future of HTML5 gaming to go beyond the browser. In the following interview, Freeman, a technology evangelist at Microsoft focusing on Windows 8 and HTML5 gaming, talks about the future of game design and the intricacies of designing games for the growing casual gamer market. He will address these topics in more depth in a free webcast, “Mobile Gaming: Are We Casual Enough Yet?,” at 1 p.m. PT on Friday, May 10.

What are some key factors to keep in mind when designing games for the casual market?

jesse_freemanJesse Freeman: It’s hard to nail down what will make a game a success in the casual market, but I am starting to learn a few things about what works and what doesn’t work from my own games. I also watch other successful games in the various mobile stores and keep track of what I feel attributes to their popularity. If you play enough successful casual games, you will start to see a pattern emerge that usually revolves around the same five principles:

  1. The game has mass appeal
  2. There are simple game mechanics
  3. It has a clear reward/motivation system
  4. Great replay value
  5. Low barrier of entry

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ePayments Week: Freemium is fruitful for mobile games

ePayments Week: Freemium is fruitful for mobile games

In-app purchases make free games pay, and iOS 5 reportedly adds facial recognition.

A report says that purchases through free mobile games are becoming the largest share of all mobile games revenue. Also, reports of a facial recognition API in iOS 5 surface, and a new technology tries to sell merchants on using consumers' webcams to scan their credit cards.

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