Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund is an entrepreneur working on a personal finance startup, Wesabe where he is Chief Product Officer. (He also blogs at Wheaties for Your Wallet.) Before starting Wesabe, Marc was an entrepreneur-in-residence at O'Reilly Media. Prior to that, he was VP of Engineering at Sana Security, co-founder and was CEO of Popular Power, a distributed computing startup, and founder and general manager of Lucas Online, the internet subsidiary of Lucasfilm, Ltd. During his early career, Marc was Director of Engineering at Organic Online, and was CTO at Webstorm, where he wrote one of the Internet's first shopping cart applications in 1994. He is a graduate of Reed College.

Code review redux (good news from GitHub)

Code review redux (good news from GitHub)

I wrote in 2008 about Review Board, a code review package I’d tried and liked. Unfortunately our developers didn’t like it as much as I did, and having learned my lesson (thanks, FogBugz), I declined to impose a tool choice on them. They chose Gerrit, instead, which is more tightly bound to Git, and has some nice features related to that (such as pushing to master from a button in the UI when the review is complete). The rest of the UI is very unpolished, but has been getting progressively better.

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Peter Seibel’s Coders at Work

My friend Peter Seibel’s new book Coders at Work (published by Apress) went to press today. I’ve been reading a preview copy he sent me, and it’s fantastic. The book follows the style of the earlier Apress book Founders at Work, presenting interviews with notable programmers, asking them how they work, about their careers, their thoughts on the software profession, and whatever other topics come up along the way.

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Review Board is good software

After having tried and failed to have useful code reviews at several different companies, and after feeling deep envy for Mondrian, Google's web-based code review tool, I'd been looking for some tool that would help make code reviews more painless. I think I've found what I was looking for in Review Board. Code reviews usually amount to infrequent lunchtime sessions…

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Saying only new (-ish) things about the iPhone

We've all read about how cool flicking is and how lame EDGE is. Enough on that. Below are some things I haven't already read a thousand times about the iPhone. Full disclosure: I've owned one Newton, two Blackberrys, three Palms, and three Treos (geeeeeeek!), and I'm switching from a Treo 650 to an 8GB iPhone. The iPhone kicks the Treo's…

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Question about GMail referers

When I get referers from GMail messages on my new blog, they often contain a query string parameter labeled 'cat' with a cleartext, meaningful value in it. I've often been able to determine, from the 'cat' value, exactly who is talking about my site in email, and in one case, exactly what they thought of what we're doing! (Fortunately, the…

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Developers and operations at Amazon

Interesting quote from this ACM Queue interview with Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon: Giving developers operational responsibilities has greatly enhanced the quality of the [Amazon Web] services, both from a customer and a technology point of view. The traditional model is that you take your software to the wall that separates development and operations, and throw it over and then…

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