Fred van den Bosch

Fred van den Bosch is CEO and co-founder of Librato, Inc. Prior to joining Librato he had a 14 year career at VERITAS Software (later acquired by Symantec), where he served as EVP Engineering, CTO and board member. After leaving VERITAS, he served as CEO of PANTA Systems, a manufacturer of data warehouse appliances. Fred started his career at Stanford Research Institute and also held various engineering and management positions at the Computer Systems Division of Philips Electronics. He currently serves on the boards of Varonis Systems, Inc. and Neebula Systems, LTD. Fred received a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.

The Future of Monitoring Data is In the Cloud

Scale and complexity call for leaving it to specialists

As applications move from on­premise to SaaS, the scale of deployments increases by orders of magnitude (to “web­scale”). At the same time, application development and operation become tightly integrated and continuous deployment brings the frequency of updates down from months to days or even hours.

The larger scale makes the health of SaaS applications mission-critical and even existential to its providers, while the frequent updates increase the risk of failures. Therefore, monitoring and root cause analysis also become mission critical functions, and more instrumentation is needed to ensure the application’s quality of service. At the company I co-founded, we see customers using extensive and often tailored instrumentation that generates massive amounts of data (think hundreds of thousands of data streams and billions of data points per day).

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